Future Millionaires: A Decentralized Community Hedge Fund

by Martin David Folb


Future Millionaires introduces trusted education, guidance and community social networking to cryptocurrency traders by becoming the first decentralized community (DeCo). Future Millionaires DeCo has no central authority and operates with complete community transparency through blockchain technology. Membership in the Future Millionaires provides access to a global social network of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who participate in crowdsourced research and shared education. The goal of the Future Millionaires is for members to learn from each other and foster financial autonomy through cryptocurrency literacy and to grow their own personal wealth, with their own personal capital. No value is ever invested by the DeCo. All investment positions are made by the members themselves against their own portfolios.

Future Millionaires DeCo manages membership verification via a decentralized blockchain smart contract called SOROS. By holding the SOROS decentralized blockchain token in the member’s digital wallet, members get access to the community platforms. SOROS itself stores and validates membership access to FutureMillionaires. By providing a wallet address containing any amount of SOROS tokens, members are consenting to trust through verification. Proof of Participation and Proof of Conduct are introduced to govern and moderate the DeCo, debuting additional use cases for blockchain technology. Future Millionaires is the first cryptocurrency learning academy based on a foundation of trust through the same technology as cryptocurrency itself, the blockchains. Membership is valued by the free markets, directly correlated to the value of the access.

The invention of a decentralized community introduces trust through verification of behavior and conduct, representing a disruption in social networking and online education. The community grows organically as members invite other like minded people looking for similar training and opportunities and is strengthened as the members trading literacy grows and is shared within the DeCo. Members of the DeCo benefit from the success of the community.

Future Millionaires is a decentralized hedge fund operating through a decentralized social network. Instead of the funds being held in custody by some central authority, the funds are held in the custody of the members themselves and are managed solely by the individuals themselves. The only thing that is ever shared between members and Future Millionaires is information. The DeCo hedge fund guides and educates participating members to grow and maintain their portfolios themselves in the pursuit of financial autonomy.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total number of cryptocurrencies sits at 12,569 and counting. The number of cryptocurrencies and daily offerings are multiplying as the industry is on its way towards exponential growth with the total crypto market cap expected to reach a staggering $10T by 2024. It is projected that this huge leap in growth will take cryptocurrency from half of one percent of all wealth to five percent of all wealth in a few years, representing the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. As traditional legacy finance moves into the trusted digital domain, bringing ownership closer to the assets themselves, friction in finance is removed exponentially. Additionally, due to multi-exchange ecosystems, the assets are now more liquid than ever, putting the retail investor in more control of their finances than previously possible.

Each new cryptocurrency comes with its own set of promises, expectations and grand visions of perceived value. As the population of cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for the next signal, the latest chart, and those wanting to learn and participate grows, there is no trusted online community where they can assemble and interact. Due to the saturation of information this requires constant moderation and guidelines to maintain an environment free of advertising and untruths expressed as fact. There is also no formal education teaching cryptocurrency fluency and basic cryptocurrency trading strategy.

Future Millionaires has become such a place. It is the first cryptocurrency learning academy based on a foundation of trust through the same technology as cryptocurrency itself, the blockchains. Through the invention of a novel new construct, the decentralized community or DeCo, a hybrid global social network and learning academy, thousands of cryptocurrency analysts, students, onlookers and guides follow the latest trends, theory and price action, while growing and enhancing their own cryptocurrency portfolios. Members of Future Millionaires benefit financially from the success of the community and with participation and dedication can go on to be financially independent as professional cryptocurrency traders.

Story: In 2020 a movement on Telegram became Future Millionaires by pure chance, and grassroots community love for early cryptocurrency trading and charting. The group organized naturally into layers of governance from length of participation and trustworthiness by simply allowing any claim to be publicly verified on the blockchains. Future Millionaires was born — grown organically, evolved into a revolutionary hybrid decentralized community model that encapsulates aspects of social networking, active trading floors, and crowdsourcing information in real time, globally, 24/7. The common theme is trust by verification, and the more contribution the more benefit. Word of mouth has grown the community to a point that the platform has to expand.

2. The problems:

Even with this mass adoption and establishment of an industry foundation, cryptocurrency and its markets are still in their infancy. Cryptocurrency has entered into the mainstream financial markets, with one in ten (or more specifically thirteen percent of Americans) invested in cryptocurrency, however the industry is seemingly shrouded in mystery and complexity to the average person. Investing has been seen as intimidating, risky and impossible to navigate without formal education. This negative reputation is further perpetuated as there are no clear institutional regulations or guidelines. Furthermore, the guidance that is available can be scarce, misleading and lead to misunderstanding and fear. It is important for the public to understand and be empowered by the future of cryptocurrency.

The key disruption in cryptocurrency is the removal of the financial middle-man via decentralization. Assets are now easier than ever to access and easier to trade. The retail investor is now in direct control of their investment portfolios and the underlying assets within. The understanding that when investing we are trading currencies for assets, which can also be currencies, is daunting to grasp, and needs fresh and relevant guidance. There is no trusted community academy or formal crypto education.

The cryptocurrency space is missing a trusted community where beginner and advanced active traders and investors can go to meet and combine skills and expertise, to bounce ideas off of each other and increase their access to new and early projects. There needs to be a safe environment, without third party manipulation, error and untrustworthiness, where cryptocurrency traders can learn and advance their skills and understanding within a validated, verified and secure community platform. Furthermore, within existing cryptocurrency communities, there are few cryptocurrency agnostic communities. Cryptocurrency communities tend to focus on one cryptocurrency or one blockchain ecosystem, thus limiting the opportunities across the markets. These single minded spaces also tend to be invaded with marketing and advertising.

In summary, there is no trusted global online community for crypto traders made up of crypto traders. There is no crowd sourced trusted crypto guidance, education and training for newcomers and experts alike.

3. The solution:

The Future Millionaires DeCo revolutionizes the community model into a new hybrid decentralized community that encapsulates aspects of social networking, active trading and active charting, and crowdsourced information in real time. The result is a virtual team of global experts hunting the best cryptocurrency signals and positions to apply to their own portfolios and discuss as a community, guiding and assisting others in making similarly effective portfolio positions.

The invention of a decentralized community or DeCo, introducing trust through verification of behavior and conduct, represents a disruption in social networking and online education. The community introduces new use cases for the blockchain, “proof of participation” and “proof of conduct”. Through on-chain verification of blockchain transaction history, trust by verification is achieved.

The community does not support and study any one cryptocurrency, but provides information on all cryptocurrencies. The community functions around the clock, in all timezones providing a global and constant handle on the most current cryptocurrency information.

This model is only possible due to the blockchain. The cryptocurrencies and the community itself operate with no single authority and with complete community transparency.

4. What is a decentralized community? (DeCo)

A decentralized community (DeCo) is an online community with members whose behavior is digitally verifiable for trust through verification using a public blockchain token and wallet address. In order to join or enroll into a DeCo, a blockchain token is required. The token is digitally verified to access all DeCo online platforms. By holding a membership token in their blockchain wallet, a verifiable history of blockchain behavior is made possible, and therefore promotes trust.

DeCo’s hold no value on behalf of the members. All value is exclusively held in the decentralized membership token smart contract, which is a decentralized, ownerless, immutable machine running on a public blockchain. This provides a transparent history of behavior for all membership and the community as a whole. All members are represented in the eternal ledger as holders and participants, as well as their transaction history on the entire public blockchain. The DeCo is detached entirely from the membership token contract itself. The contract and its membership tokens are only required to verify access to the DeCo platform.

Trust is the hallmark of a DeCo and is of maximum benefit to the community. Without trust we have not evolved the social network. Membership and participation become digitally verifiable. As a DeCo member you are being provided access to a digitally trusted community that functions actively as one, around-the-clock, providing members with a constant handle on the most relevant and timely information and discussions. The community will often learn by doing, and all participate in exercises together to learn to work in a team. The result is an organized global community “academy” known as Future Millionaires, which like the blockchain and the cryptocurrency, has no single point of authority.

Summary: To be a DeCo, a group of individuals must consent to trust by verification through providing a blockchain wallet address holding a membership token. The token must be minted from a fully ownerless and renounced blockchain smart contract. Members never trade value with the DeCo, instead they exchange value for membership directly through the membership contract. The DeCo can not control the membership contract in any way. DeCo members are oriented towards a common goal and the DeCo must be moderated to maintain communication directed towards this goal, as efficiently as possible, for the greater good of the community. The goal of Future Millionaires is directed towards cryptocurrency fluency and personal cryptocurrency portfolio growth. The community grows organically as members invite other like minded people looking for similar training and opportunities and is strengthened as member trading literacy grows and is shared within the DeCo.

5. What is the academy?

The meaning of community academy can be derived from the combined definitions:

Community: A group of people having a characteristic in common

A feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

Academy : A place of study or training in a special field.

A society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field

The Future Millionaires, is a self regulating, self governing, decentralized community academy with the goal to facilitate cryptocurrency education to empower members to reach their own financial autonomy. Future Millionaires facilitates this goal by connecting a trusted community of global individuals actively wanting to learn more about cryptocurrency, actively participating in the DeCo and sharing in a common mission to make sound investment decisions to their own capital. Future Millionaire members are disconnected physically, but integrated mentally and digitally as a team to research, study, document and contribute valuable input and opinions.

The combination of elements that constitute Future Millionaires include: active trading floors, active charting floors, educational channels, and forums that create a global social network that is self taught, self governed and verified by consensus. The academy is decentralized and has no single authority. Member skillsets are matched and teams assembled to build, investigate, research and to take on tasks within community guidelines. These projects bring the community together and put into practice the principle, “ learn by doing”. The skills for searching, analyzing and researching these topics are taught and guided. The more validators, the higher likelihood of success and less likelihood of invalid information.

The active trading floors and charting floors are “live”. They are highly moderated, focussed channels to keep the posts to the point, as an active short term trading strategy is in place. Trading floors are places where traders can pitch opportunities, signal, offer analysis and opinion, 24/7 globally and with instant feedback. Through crowdsourcing information, members receive access to early cryptocurrency minting events, pre-sales, pre-minting, and vital global news affecting cryptocurrency and their positions. Active charting floors present relevant prediction, performance or event recognition by members through visual charts and their own personal technical analysis. The Future Millionaires crowd dynamic, opinions, trades and research can be applied to any amount of capital by the members. The percentage profit in a cryptocurrency trade is equal for any amount of capital, large or small. The benefits are equal.

In summary, it could be said the trading academy acts as a virtual hedge fund and as a trade school, where members can pitch opportunities and they are crowd analyzed and rated by consensus for application to the members personal portfolios totally voluntarily under a concept called DYOR or “Do your own research”.

6. Membership verification and access token

Membership to the community platforms is verified digitally, using the SOROS blockchain SmartDeFi token. In order to participate in the Future Millionaires community, the token must exist in the member wallet. This membership token and blockchain wallet instantly provide a transparent and immutable blockchain identity and immutable ledger of all member transactions on the public blockchain since inception. Without possession of a membership token, participation will be inaccessible until membership is restored. Blockchain access token verification is a process of verification using public blockchain technology. This technology enables the Proof of Participation and the Proof of Conduct consensus models which evolve community, and provide two new use cases for blockchain technology.

Proof of Participation (or PoP) is a community governance model using blockchain trust to verify participation on a public blockchain. From enrollment, the members’ participation and trustworthiness can be verified. By holding the membership token in the wallet, the member is provided access to community governance through digital polling, used to vote for changes or improvements to community guidelines and decisions affecting the community as a whole. These polling tools are secured and anonymous and included in the community platforms which are all open source. Similar to PoP or trusted verification, a member’s behavior, conduct and standing can be monitored, moderated and guided to maintain community trust. This is known as Proof of Conduct (or PoC) and supports community self governance through a single technological point of absolute trust, and publicly verifiable behavior.

Using these two proofs of verifications, if any behavior or claim is verified to be false or misrepresented or if any behavior is malicious or of negative benefit to the community, the member is placed on probation and in some situations, terminated and banned from the community. Long standing members with a long track record of trusted participation and conduct are rewarded with voluntary community responsibilities. Membership is “pay as you go”, if tokens are not found in the wallet, access is denied. Membership can be restored easily by acquiring new tokens.

7. Membership access token contract (SOROS)

The Future Millionaire DeCo uses the access token SOROS, which is a blockchain token minted from a single deployed token contract on all viable public blockchains. It is an autonomous machine storing the membership and managing the pooled member value and member transactions. Possession of the SOROS access token in a blockchain wallet provides digitally verifiable ‘proof of access’(PoA) to the DeCo platforms.

The access token contract is truly decentralized, which means that it is ownerless, open source, has no third party interaction, and is publicly verifiable. Once deployed, a blockchain token contract can never be altered or deleted. There is forever one single blockchain address for the contract on each blockchain.

The contract has all it needs within itself. All the decision making within the contract is in the computer code and cannot be altered in any way. Being a decentralized contract, there is no single authority, membership is safe and its value can not be manipulated. The value of the tokens, in this case SOROS, are determined by the free market based on the value of the access.

The token contract can be thought of as a decentralized ‘custodian’, because the contract holds the membership value safely, has its own liquidity and can facilitate exchanges on behalf of the members directly. Membership tokens are redeemable at any time via the contract itself. Essentially, a member can sell their membership or access to the DeCo for the current value of the token at any given time.

Another important element of the access token is to understand the rising floor. Because the contract holds its own liquidity, every exchange transaction has a percentage fee applied directly to the rising floor price. The underlying value pool of membership is appreciated on every transaction through a flat tax, automatically collected by the contract for all membership transactions. The floor price of the token increases, or rises, with every membership transaction. Therefore, membership value can never drop below the rising floor price.

Asset backing is another crucial component of the token contract and secures its value over time. This results in a perpetual increase of the token’s baseline-value correlated to the native blockchain currency. As the baseline value appreciates, or depreciates, so does the baseline value of the DeCo token. A set percentage of every transaction is applied to the asset backing pool secured within the token smart contract. The result is a perpetual increase of token baseline value. The contract acts as a store of membership value, a community custodian, or as a membership “savings” machine. However, unlike other custodians the members’ tokens are only accessible by the individual member themselves using their own private keys. The membership custodian becomes an autonomous smart contract run eternally by computer code. In contrast to conventional subscription models, the member is not regularly paying for service. Instead, the member is merely providing the access token and the access is never termed. It is binary, meaning that the member has a token in their wallet, or not. The token value is the value of access and is determined by the free market.

Summary: The decentralized membership token contract SOROS provides the Future Millionaires DeCo membership custody and exchange through computer code, storing the member enrollment value in blockchain native currency, and correlating membership value directly to membership volume and adoption. The value of access to the DeCo is determined by the free market. The member can exit the membership contract for refund of membership at current market price at any time by selling the tokens. In a world of decentralized finance, investors are no longer interacting with traditional centralized institutions and instead essentially become their own institutions. This new model of finance through smart token contracts, like SOROS, places investors in more control of their own native currency positions and investments via blockchain trust as well as securing and decentralized access and membership to secure platforms.

8. Structure

Future Millionaires provides a platform for crowdsourcing analysis and crowd generated opportunities in the markets, with clear and verified guidance, that may or may not be applied by members to their own individual personal portfolios. It is important to stress that member’s portfolios are managed solely by the individuals themselves. Members individually benefit from community information, and then voluntarily contribute their information to the community in return. Therefore, Future Millionaire members benefit financially from the success of the community and the cryptocurrency industry growth as a whole.

The features of the Future Millionaires DeCo are structured as floors with membership access requirements, which may increase in specificity and exclusivity. The main public floor provides general enrollment information, welcoming, onboarding and enrollment guidance. Member Virtual Trading Floors, Trade Boards, Training floors, Fan Floors, Research Floors, and Tools and Utilities Floors are among the tiered layers that construct the Future Millionaires DeCo and require varied levels of membership to access and participate in.

Virtual Trading Floors are 24/7 global, constantly active and moderated interactions with a highly active participation. These floors are identifying the latest information and news in a very structured flow of data, links, and charts, moderated to be clear of chatter. The trading rooms are focused on crowd sourcing trading information in real time. This is the virtual “hedge fund” floor in action, where participants are actively analyzing positions and timing, pitching and presenting their ideas and getting feedback from the floor participants. The participants are traders in trades, and the trades have entry and exit timings. Anything else is highly moderated so as to not confuse the strict threads of digital consciousness. Terminology and signal structures are used to convey live price action and predictable patterns, technical analysis and news research.

Trade Boards are pinned notice boards of relevant and current position ideas, and strategy often polled by the entire community and always available for revision. This is all crowd sourced information. There is no central authority.

Training Floors are the home of educational resources and asynchronous questions and answers from moderators. At any time any question can be asked on any floor.

Fan Floors are highly moderated and members fascinated or highly invested in a specific cryptocurrencies can have asynchronous discussions pertaining to that asset.

Tools and Utility Floors provide access to trading tools, contract verification tools, official contract addresses, exchange information, blockchain exploration tools, cryptocurrency dashboards and other relevant information.

Research floors contain general repositories of researched information general to cryptocurrency or blockchains. These community research projects are ongoing.

All communication channels are fully asynchronous. This implies threaded channels, which maintain a full history from conception and the members can read at their own time, commenting, replying, pinning and posting to create a long chain of immutable messaging. These messages aid in providing Proof of Participation and Proof of Conduct.

Outcome: Through their membership and active participation, the members can benefit financially from the success of the community and its research. The community members understand that by participating themselves and becoming better at contributing through greater understanding, they themselves will receive equal benefit back for their contributions. Once a member hypothesis is presented, community members offer opinions, perspectives and more detailed analysis of the idea until it is deemed verified, safe, and worthy of consideration for dissemination to the larger community, for integration into their own trading strategies. Opportunities given, are opportunities received. The result is a highly valuable daily stream of cryptocurrency information, that when applied to members’ portfolios, is of huge benefit. If not for Future Millionaires, members would not otherwise get access to this valuable information and helpful society of traders.

9. Guidelines

DeCo guidelines are composed to facilitate maximum quality of information dissemination to all members, to remain free of mistruth, judgements, misguidance, any illegalities or irregular behavior non beneficial to the community. All information posted in any channel is moderated against the guidelines and is reviewed through community crowd research and polled if required. The quality of the information, the validity of the information and the detail of the information is considered. The member is guided through the decision so as to learn where the information was specifically against guidelines or not truthful. The goal is to educate and facilitate guidance.

Nothing illegal is tolerated. Any malicious contracts, known individuals, wallets, or organizations identified with red flags are reported, and moderated for the protection of the community. Bad actors are moderated and suspended based on the consensus model. Any verifiable evidence of malicious intent or misrepresentation, unsolicited advertising and marketing, rude or disrespectful language or behavior, is grounds for membership evaluation and possible suspension. If at any time discussions touch on politics or religion, the communication is moderated. Political or religious discussions are deemed irrelevant to the mission of the Future Millionaires.

The DeCo operates with no single authority. All decisions affecting the community guidelines must be polled and democratically resolved through majority consensus. Community guidelines evolve constantly and recommendations or updates can be proposed and voted on at any time by any member. A DeCo does not discriminate against any person, and anyone can participate if behavior is within the community guidelines and membership is digitally verified through presence of SOROS membership token in their blockchain wallet.

Community members can communicate freely within the guidelines published, in any language. Members are free to ask any question within the domain of the blockchains and the digital assets on the blockchains. The question will be crowd answered as best of the ability of those in the community available to assist. Once a member has a track record of contribution and trust and has been beneficial to the community, the member is volunteered for a role in community moderation, and eventually promotion to core teams and higher governance roles. Each governance tier makes decisions by majority voting polls in that tier. There is never a single authority in any decision by design.

Honesty, participation, contribution, trustworthiness, and overall value to the community is rewarded within the governance model. The governance system uses the length and quality of contribution and length of trusted behavior within the community to validate and evaluate trust levels, and govern membership through moderation of the community communications.

Moderators are able to facilitate multi language discussions and the DeCo is globally moderated. Promotion to moderator takes into account PoP and PoC. All verified community members are able to participate in digital community polls voluntarily. Without this trusted blockchain protocol, digital polling, and strict moderation, the community has no valid means of verifying trust. The guidelines ensure that Future Millionaires is a trusted network.

10. Summary

Future Millionaires is a global community of cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. The members don’t graduate, they are always participating as long as they desire. They are taught the skills and provided the information to reach their own financial autonomy through cryptocurrency. The online academy is moderated to maintain trusted and focused participation. Participation is steered to stay as close to the front lines of the industry as possible and to gain the experience needed to make secure financial decisions. The academy is governed by blockchain trust. All behavior and history of transactions is publicly verifiable. Digital access to the academy is verified using the SOROS blockchain token. The token ensures member access to all membership platforms.

Future Millionaires is a decentralized hedge fund operating through a decentralized social network. Instead of the funds being held in custody by some central authority, the funds are held in the custody of the members themselves. The only thing that is ever shared between members and the DeCo is information. Members have access to participate in active trading floors, just as in a traditional hedge fund. They are able to put forth trade ideas and hypotheses for crowd testing just as in a hedge fund. Newly discovered assets, newly discovered concepts, newly discovered strategies are crowd-analyzed, and crowd researched for quality and comment just as in a hedge fund. However, capital and portfolios are managed solely by the individuals themselves. All membership fees are held in a decentralized blockchain contract, and are redeemable at any time. No value is ever invested by the DeCo. All investment positions are made by the members themselves against their own portfolios using their own capital. Membership is valued by the free markets directly correlated to the value of the access.

11. The Future of Future Millionaires

Future Millionaires is growing at a rapid pace. The community platforms must evolve to support network effect and rapid growth, with a clear roadmap to scale the platforms in support of the growing demand for cryptocurrency focussed education and social networking. In the future, the SOROS contract can provide trusted access privileges to other financial or social platforms requiring trust through decentralization. Ownership of SOROS tokens could provide access to a complex of platforms growing the trusted network.



2. CoinmarketCap https://coinmarketcap.com/

3. SmartDeFi smart contract written by R0X see FEGRox.com

4. Soros.io

5. Futuremillionaires.io

Glossary and Definitions

“Blockchain” — publicly accessible decentralized and immutable database.

“Smart contract” — Computer code running in the virtual memory of a public

blockchain network that can never be altered or removed.

“Token” — a digital entry in the smart contract only accessible by the owner.

“Burn” — when the owner of a token chooses to destroy it

“Mint” — a smart contract owner can to create blockchain tokens

“Liquid” — the ability to easily buy, sell or trade assets.

“Exchange” — A crypto marketplace where crypto can be bought and sold.

“Charting” — Visual asset price trends and prediction through technical analysis.

“Decentralization” — Removal of the financial middle-man via removal of 3rd party trust.

Immutability. No single authority.

“Lindy Effect” — When an industry or trend has passed the tipping point of becoming part of

culture or society and cannot go back.

“DeFi” — Decentralized Finance — a construct where the financial vehicle is an

autonomous, self contained, ownerless computer code, running in the public domain on the blockchain. Anyone can interact with it, as long as they follow the guidelines and rules coded into the DeFi smart contract.

“Proof of Participation” — Publicly verifiable evidence of participation, from inception of

record to present.

“Proof of Conduct” — Publicly verifiable evidence of conduct, from inception of record to


“Web 3.0” — a trusted internet without centralized authority.



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